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Below you can find prices for all treatments provided by Dr Asaad Aesthetics, for more information please visit the individual services pages or click on the table header. Or for more information you can get in touch by going to the contact us page.

TreatmentProductPrices From
Lip Enhancement (0.5ml)Restylane Refyne/ Defyne£249
Juvederm Ultra Smile£299
Juvederm Volbella£349
Juvederm Volift£349
Lip Enhancement (1ml)Restylane Refyne/ Defyne£299
Juvederm Ultra Smile£349
Juvederm Volbella£399
Juvederm Volift£399
Cheek Enhancement (2ml)Juvederm Ultra 4£449
Juvederm Volift£525
Juvederm Voluma£525
Nose to Mouth Lines (2ml)Juvederm Ultra 3£499
Juvederm Voluma£699
Jawline (3ml)Juvederm Ultra 4£599
Juvederm Voluma£799
Juvederm Volux£899
Chin (2ml)Juvederm Ultra 4£399
Juvederm Volbella£599
Juvederm Voluma£599
Tear Trough (Under Eye Dark Circles) Teosyal Redensity 2£449
Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty (1ml)Juvederm Ultra 4£449
Juvederm Volift£699
Juvederm Voluma£699
Temple Filler (2ml)Juvederm Ultra 4£399
Juvederm Voluma£549
Hand Rejuvenation (2ml)Juvederm Volift£699
Common TreatmentsPrices From
1 Area£199
2 Areas£249
3 Areas£299
4 Areas£349
Specialist TreatmentsPrices From
Nefertiti / Neck Lift
(Platysmal Bands)
Gummy Smile£199
Wide Set Jaw
Bruxism Treatment
Masseter Botox
Brow Lift£199
Bunny Lines£199
Bell's Palsy Treatment£249
Pebbled Chin£249
Additional ml£180
Juvederm Volite2mls£549
Additional ml£200
TreatmentQuantityPrices From
Chemical PeelPer Area / Session£450
AqualyxPer Area / Session£399
TreatmentQuantityPrices From
Aquagold Per Area / Session£350
AreaTime Between SessionsPrice per Session
Face6 Months£399
Neck6 Months£399
Decolletage6 Months£399
2 Areas6 Months£699
3 Areas6 Months£999
Hair LossMonthly for 3 months then a fourth in month 5£399